I’ve Heard the Wind Blow Before


With every howling wind, God’s breath blows and breathes life into our hearts if we just allow it.

Photo by Saad Chaudhry on Unsplash

Through life’s open window,

Howling breezes shall blow,

Life brings another flood,

Where our sorrowful tears flow,

Memories, faces, and photos fade away,

Lost in time,

Money wasted on someone elses dime,

Truth be told, money is bought but never sold,

Never face fear alone,

Always beautifully bold,

My smile never ceases to fade,

From your face,

Losing someone you love,

But never can replace,

Kidnapped by love and lust,

Fight if you might, fight if you must,

Games played in your mind,

I never keep score,

Lil liar liar pants on fire,

I’ve heard the wind blow before.



A.j Thomas

Literary gutter vixen words of love and lust, sprinkled in pixie dust.