Kings and Kindred Fools

Who am I kidding?

A.j Thomas


Photo by Scott Gummerson on Unsplash

Hands and hearts aflame,

Thoughts and feelings swirling perpetually,

Drowning tears, sorrow and shame,

Who the hell am I kidding?

Where did it go wrong?

Just who the hell is left to blame?

Searching the ends of the earth and the world over,

Flames and sparks flying,

Hearts and minds and souls on the cliff emerging,

Love, life, living and dying,

Fighting an eternal battle for my heart,

A fire ignited, left aflame, smoldered and lit again,

Like trying to relight a wet matches end,

Arguments, fights, lies, truths, tired of trying,

Spirits crushed and minds blurred,

Hearts bodies and souls left to bleed,

Searching and scraping the depths of hell,

Walking, crawling on Satan’s floor in search of beauty of the flesh,

Crying out for aid,

No help in sight,

Love, hate, malice and greed,



A.j Thomas

Literary gutter vixen words of love and lust, sprinkled in pixie dust.